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Access to regular education have become possible


Small step can bring a big change in someone’s life. Solidaridad has proved this fact well. In our endeavor to make agriculture a profitable business, Solidaridad is identifying farmers and individually addressing their concerns related to all aspects of farming.

Rahul Singh is one such farmer whose life took a flip after being a part of Solidaridad. Rahul is a young farmer residing in Village Tilwadi of District Ujjain. He is a marginal farmer having 05 acre farmlands and the only breadwinner of his family of 06 members. Farming is the main source of income of his family. He used to grow conventional crops on his farm, as this is what he had been witnessing since his childhood. But the path had not been smooth for him. Problem of high cost and less profit in farming has grown up with time. Consequently, Rahul and his family had started facing economic issues.

Once, Rahul got an opportunity to attend a meeting based on agriculture organized by Solidaridad in his village. This meeting indeed has turned up as a big turning point for him. Rahul shared his points of concerned with agriculture experts of Solidaridad. Agriculture experts critically analyzed his problem and suggested him to opt for a better agriculture technique comprised of changing crop, regular soil testing, germination test, seed treatment and right distance between seeds grown. He has also advised to use bio-manure is place of chemical fertilizer. Being a marginal farmer, he was advised to grow vegetable on his farmlands.

Rahul took expert’s advice seriously and started following the steps he has asked to taken. First, he went for soil testing, then chose vegetable seeds carefully. He decided to grow ladyfingers on 01 acre of his farm land. This time, instead of chemical fertilizer he used bio manure suggested by agriculture expert like Panch Patti Kadha, Matka Khadd, Kanda Pani, Neem Satt, Coconut Chatni, heap Nadep etc. which he had prepared with the help of resources available at village itself. He has got a training also to prepare bio-manure. Consequently, the expenses on chemical fertilizers and medicines were reduced by 50 percent.

Rahul’s trust on Solidaridad was not in vain. He obtained a substantial production of vegetable in a very first crop, that he has been able to sold vegetable worth Rs. 2000 to 3500 every day for straight 75 days in the vegetable market of Tehsil Tarana. He has earned around Rs. 1,80,000 with this crop and is continue to be. Seeing his success, other farmers of his village also encouraged to go for vegetable crops.

Rahul on his success cheerfully expressed that “Earlier I and my family members had a lot of problems in obtaining livelihood and agriculture was not producing desired profits to us. Now, being a part of Solidaridad organization, our financial condition has improved. Now we get green vegetables at home itself and my family has got to eat good and organic vegetables, which helps to keep diseases at bay. Now I am earning enough money to send my children to school regularly and I am also able to pay good attention to their health and education”.