Solidaridad Asia

One of the regional expertise centres in Asia caters to the southern and southern east quarters of the continent. In collaboration with Governments, businesses and communities, Solidaridad Asia aims to provide climate-resilient and eco-friendly farming techniques to smallholder farmers, along with food security, gender equality and sustainability frameworks. It seeks to drive sustainability from niche to norm in Asian markets and among Asian producers in a way that supports people, planet and profits.

Solidaridad Asia operates both in production and market sectors in- India, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, and Myanmar with more than 320 experts. Solidaridad endeavours to stimulate sustainable production in the region, starting with encouraging the use of deforestation-free commodities.

Smallholder farmers are crucial for the economy of rural India, and they also play a significant role in ensuring food security for the rest of the country. Supporting such farmers by helping them adopt good agricultural practices becomes one of the key agenda of programmes tailored for India. The good agricultural practices are based on principles of “more with less” and brings in scientifically sound and validated technologies to achieve sustainable production and improve the income of smallholders.

Solidaridad Networks

Solidaridad is a civil society organisation which strives to raise a robust global farming community by bringing innovative farming and supply chain solutions along with improving productivity and ensuring sustainability. Solidaridad partners with businesses, business associations, government departments, NGOs and smallholder associations from all over the world to deliver structural change at a scale that fosters a constructive impact on both people and our planet.


The organisation consists of eight.Regional Expertise Centres.across five continents, including a Network Secretariat connecting the regions, located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The established network structure provides its advanced knowledge of all supply chain to the associated partners. The experience of solving local issues for producers puts Solidaridad in a unique position of offering its services for the better of farming communities.