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Creating a healthy world for women farmers


The world  has recognised the power of better nutrition. A healthy world can only be envisioned when each section of society has achieved the benchmark of nutrition. Rural women are one such section who contributes a significant space in agriculture yet their nutrition, health and hygiene are highly ignored.

Team Solidaridad committedly promoted the nutrients value of Soybean among the villagers through intensive awareness drives and trainings under Good Farming- Good Food programme. These drives and training programmes are enriched with diversified methods to let women farmers more connected. The rural community has embraced the importance of including Soy products in their regular diet.

Mrs. Suman Jangde, from Village Bilkisganj District Sehore is one such woman farmer whose story of attaining a good health is nothing but an inspiration to all of us to being persistence with our food choices and healthy habits. It’s been around a year Mrs. Suman first time attended the meeting organised by Solidaridad’s nutrition team in her village under Good Farming-Good Food programme. According to Suman “Initially it was difficult for me to believe that Soybean is actually edible, let alone it has nutritional benefits, but after attending meetings and with the thought of just give it a try, I have started using Soybean in food”.

She adds that after including Soybean in diet there has been incredible changes reflecting in her health. Due to severe headache and muscles pain visiting the doctors used to be her routine. She cheerfully expressed that now she immensely has cut down the number of times she visits doctors and thus saving a huge sum of money she used to spend as Doctor’s fees and in medicines. She even made her family members to consume soybean in some or the other food form.

Initially she was not aware of processing soybean. Culinary activities held at her village by Solidaridad’s nutrition team made her well aware on soybean processing at home and making food out of it. She is adding soybean flour with regular wheat flour in certain quantity, also make some snacks with it. Suman says “My daughter-in-law is an expecting mother, I was quite surprised when doctor said that due to good nutritional intake through soybean, her prenatal period is going smooth without any health issues. I will keep it continue to eat Soybean”. She bestowed her thanks Solidaridad to make her life healthy.