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Farmer's day celebration 2020

Along with a growing farming community in Madhya Pradesh, Solidaridad celebrated the momentous day of honouring our nation's hardworking farmers- National Farmers' Day. The celebratory day is observed throughout India, and it pays homage to one of the oldest profession still practised across the globe.

Indian government celebrates Farmers' Day every year on 23rd of December. The day is also dedicated to Choudhary Charan Singh's birthday, a famous leader who heralded many improved farmers' policies and was the 5th Prime Minister of India.

Nearly 50 per cent of India's population is employed in the sector of agriculture, directly or indirectly. Thus, agriculture serves as one of the principal sources of livelihood for most of the population, especially for the people living in our country's rural areas. Many government and private organisations work together with farmers to elevate the standards of agriculture in the country. Sector's leading institutes invite farmers to celebrate the occasion collectively across the country.

More than 200 farmers were invited and commemorated by Solidaridad across the five districts of Madhya Pradesh on the same day. The initiative was supported by stakeholders and knowledge partners like Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Madhya Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission, Department of Agriculture etc. The activity also recognised and felicitated the farmers who successfully applied good agricultural practices in their daily farming routines. Senior officials from the Department of Horticulture, Agriculture and Solidaridad, along with the CEO of Samarth Kisan Producer Company graced the event with their presence in Agar. A similar pattern of celebration was followed in the district of Dewas, Sehore and Ujjain.

Under the banner of Good Farming – Good Food, Solidaridad and programme partners organised a get-together for farmers from the district of Bhopal. The event, held in Krishi Vigyan Kendra's premises, was joined by more than 55 farmers interested in the discussions and sessions held for them. The theme "Powering the Farmers, and bringing prosperity to India" was drawn around farmers and farming community's development. Farmers were made aware of the latest technology utilised for productive farming, and how the information gained from such technology can help farmers avoid unforeseen losses due to unpredictable weather and pest issues. Sustainable agricultural practices also featured in the themes of discussions. Its advantages and methods were highlighted for the audience.

Nutrition holds a special place amongst the many objectives of the programme Good Farming – Good Food. The necessity of a nutritious diet and its role in strengthening women and children's overall health shaped the session's progress. Many of the participating women farmers were Nutri Sakhi who are tasked with educating women farmers on nutritious diet benefits. A stage was set for them to share their experience and learning. Many of the distinguished farmers, known for following good farming practices, were also invited by the panel to share their knowledge. The crowd also learned about organic farming and its benefits, shared by the programme partners. An open session to address issues faced by participating farmers followed the experience sharing sessions.

Along the lines of sustainable farming and prosperity, Good Farming – Good Food, progresses with its partners and encourages occasions like Farmers' Day.