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World Environment Day

Agriculture has impacted the world in many ways. With the advent of farming, we have seen civilizations prosper, inventions come to existence, population grow, and modernization spread. But with this fast-paced progress, we have forgotten our duty towards nature and its conservation. Advancement in technology and population growth has exhausted the natural resources, which require some time to replenish. Environmental pollution is thus turning out to be a severe challenge for the government and the public. Therefore, United Nations celebrates 5th June as World Environment Day to help raise awareness about saving and nurturing our environment. This global awareness moves touches almost every existing sector that affects the environment somehow or the other. Good Farming – Good Food also encourages its associated farming community of Madhya Pradesh to adopt sustainable means of farming to help conserve the environment and its non-renewable resources. It strives to educate people and engage them in practices that would allow the farming community and nature to grow simultaneously. In an attempt to reach out to the farming community, Solidaridad organized a mega webinar where all the from its associated project gathered in unison to inform the farmers and each other about the necessity to conserve our fast-depleting ecosystem.

The session titled “Ecosystem Restoration” saw eminent guest speakers address the participants with their astute knowledge and understanding. Dr Suresh Motwani, General Manager for Solidaridad, opened the session and introduced the participants to the honorary stakeholders. Following a warm welcome, Mr Nilay Ranjan, who heads the Corporate Social Responsibility Vodafone Idea Foundation, provided the participants with a detailed overview of their Smart After a comprehensive input, the session was carried forward by Dr Rekha Pandey from MPSRLM. Serving as the District Project Manager for MPSRLM, Dr Rekha has tirelessly worked hand in hand with Good Farming – Good Food to uplift the employment and livelihood status of the rural community. Under her address, Dr Rekha gave the participating farmers a brief prologue to the nutrition status of the state. According to her, Nutrition Gardens can help overcome the trudging challenges of malnutrition prevalent in the farming community. explained how a comprehensive diet derived She from such intervention could completely change the face of nutrition in the state. Joining the other dignitaries were Mr. Waman Kulkarni, Manager for CSR- Mahindra and Mahindra. Mahindra and Mahindra have partnered with Solidaridad to enable their Farmer Support Programme for Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihood in the target districts of Madhya Pradesh. Under his address, Mr Waman explained the importance of conserving soil and water, a few of the essential farming components. Soil is a thin layer of organic and inorganic material vital for plants growth. High water flow causes the fertile soil to flow away from the target farming areas. Therefore, watershed and soil management take a central place in the project helmed by Mahindra and Mahindra. Smart Agri Project, which is implemented by Solidaridad in five districts of Madhya Pradesh. Smart Agri Project is established to elevate the rural farming community by new and improved farming techniques based on IoT solutions like- weather stations, Eco D3 and soil probe.

Similarly, from East-West Seed, Mr Shawan Ali presented the participating farmers